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Manufacturing all type of Fire Alarm System.

Our Services

Combine hotter mcp talk back+voice sounder

4 or 5 wire lopping fire alarm+talk back system+voice sounder

6 wire lopping fire alarm with pa system with talk back & voice sounder

Manual call point

Electronic hotter
24 v dc

Flaser hooter 24 v dc

Line matching hotter

Combine Hotter mcp p.a system

4 Wire lopping combine Hotter mcp

Lpg detector

Smoke detector,heat detector

6 Wire lopping p.a system

4 Wire Looping Fire Alarm

6 Wire looping fire alarm p.a system

2 Zone ,4 zone fire alarm

8 Zone fire alarm panel

Beam detector

230 V siron

Lpg detector

Addressable fire alarm

Electrical panel

Public address system

For quick connect
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